You are Invited to Watch My Natural Home Birth in a Live Online Video of Birth смотреть онлайн видео родов наказание мусульманок за измену

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The birth took place on October 16, 2011. You can watch the labor here . and birth here You can sign up to learn more about natural birth at

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0 # 24 февраля 2013 в 15:29 0
I think. Childbirth. Is nasty. And. Gross. Very unnessery why any. Woman would let a. Man abuse her like. That is. Beyond me.
0 # 3 марта 2013 в 17:06 0
1. I can't say I have felt pain giving pain. It is intense but never felt like my body was being hurt or damaged.2. I have never had an actual orgasm giving birth. But it is very orgasm like. The build up of intensity and then the release parallels orgasm and then the high you get after is better than orgasm. You release oxytocin in both cases but it is much higher with giving birth. The first thing I said when my second was born was "oh that was good."3. I think labor is a belly dance
0 # 4 марта 2013 в 21:42 0
When are due?? obviously it could be way before or way later but when are you due?
0 # 6 марта 2013 в 14:56 0
If you sign up on my website yourbirthcoach(dot)com you will be notified when I go into labor.
0 # 30 марта 2013 в 12:38 0
Kudos to you! Is there a way for us to get an "alert" when you begin streaming?Best of luck and I think it is wonderful that you are doing this. I had 2 hospital births, and my third was born at home in the jacuzzi in my back yard. It was my absolute favorite of the three experiences. :)
0 # 3 апреля 2013 в 19:16 0
I'm a birth doula here in Ottawa and am not surprised by the amount of negative attention this has gotten - I remember when live web streaming of a woman's birth was done before and received similar criticism ("she is thinking of herself and not the baby," "taking away her focus from the baby," "fifteen minutes of fame") but I don't think that people who haven't learned of the crisis the state of human birth in North America is in can appreciate what you are doing.
0 # 6 апреля 2013 в 11:12 0
@mcrofoo1 I used to live in Georgia, when I was in chiropractic college. I had many friends have home births there. Have rules changed or is it just something you need to do "underground"? When I was down there most of my friends used a midwife named Claudia. I think her office was at her home in Kennesaw and I know she has done births as far as Peachtree City. You can email me if you want me to try to get more info for you. info@yourbirthcoach(dot)com
0 # 7 апреля 2013 в 09:37 0
I think it's a beautiful and wonderful thing that you are doing. I'm a midwifery student and i'm very happy to share your journey X
0 # 11 апреля 2013 в 15:18 0
That's what makes you a narcissist - you don't see it. To quote Anais Nin "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are."The issue you champion makes sense but you are not serving the cause or extending the message by doing a video of the birth. You're just preaching to the converted and nothing more. This is a problem many of my forward thinking comrades seem to have. By portraying yourself as a media-matyr for the cause confirms how really Narcissistic you are
0 # 13 апреля 2013 в 07:12 0
You know I nearly forgot about this fool until MadmoiselleJennyCraig reminded me xx. I still stand by my commentary and enjoyed adding my voice to the opinionscape. Now if you please MadameWeightWatchers I have important insular online creative projects to attend to. Kind Regards.
0 # 29 апреля 2013 в 15:21 0
What about if it doesn't go well for you? Of course I wish you the best birth possible. But I can you be sure? In case things are getting more complicated, aren't you afraid that it will create the opposite? Good luck to you.
0 # 2 мая 2013 в 00:55 0
yes, of course, I'll show it to my 18 years old daugther.thnak you for sharing this marvelous moment!Isabelle Massey, Doula and artistabeilles1@hotmail.com
0 # 5 мая 2013 в 10:44 0
FYI: It's difficult to watch you talk when you're not looking at the camera. It's obvious that you're looking at yourself on the screen, just saying.But great work, I found your video on my Facebook feed. Whatever you're doing is working.
0 # 8 мая 2013 в 03:25 0
This is a really great idea to improve awareness about natural child birth!
0 # 16 мая 2013 в 23:23 0
it's wonderful what you are doing, we have to end all shame & fear surrounding being HUMAN. You are part of the future. God bless you.
0 # 22 мая 2013 в 07:33 0
I'd like to sign up - I'm Julie - jstanton8@yahoo.com Thanks!
0 # 23 мая 2013 в 12:02 0
Wow, what a great idea! Thank you so much for doing this.
0 # 24 мая 2013 в 04:20 0
Sorry my email is brittany_reinhard@yahoo.com
0 # 8 июня 2013 в 19:04 0
shes so cute !
0 # 9 июня 2013 в 04:49 0
I want to watch online if possible--angelicdoula1@gmail.­com
0 # 10 июня 2013 в 03:08 0
When I tried to sign up to your live birth to be alerted when your labor starts it said "An error occured during your email list submission. Please try again later." When is your due date I want to be sure I'm signed up before then!